Successful Clients

Business Card Express,
Research Triangle Park, NC


Cost-effective online business card ordering, with drawn proofs


Business card ordering system that leverages our graphic machine technologies including a customer service module, and pre-press module. Each of BCE customers use a web interface branded to resemble the customer's own company.

Their story
Business Card Express (BCE) specializes in corporate business cards and letterhead. They had a need to provide customers with a web interface for proofing and ordering business cards. They also needed to provide a means for administrators to modify, approve, duplicate orders and revieww account history. Finally, BCE needed to automate the pre-press process for cards ordered online.

BCE now offers its customers such a service. The customer sees an accurate representation of their business card before ordering. This minimizes typographical errors and streamlines the process of completing orders. Behind the scenes, the extensive system also automates the creation of the Quark Express documents which are used in BCE's preprint production phase. Web-based orders are now the most efficient orders submitted at Business Card Express. In addition, orders are kept in a web-accessible database. Customers may log into the database, approve, cancel, modify and duplicate orders. Multiple orders may be approved or modified with a single click o fthe mouse; this is great stuff.

BCE's suite of Cicada-built applications integrates existing commercial programs like Quark Express and an industry specific invoicing system into an automated network-based work flow.

Bang for the buck

Another special aspect of the Business Card Express system is its low cost of implementation. BCE had the compelling need to create the system described above and the compelling need to create it in the most affordable fashion. As BCE's system continues to grow, Cicada continues to work with BCE to carefully recommend and implement the most functional system for the available budget.

That sort of cooperation is a hallmark of Cicada's approach to business. We truly want our customers to be as satisfied and as happy as possible. In the case of Business Card Express, we worked extra hard and sometimes extra long hours just to keep their development costs as low as possible!