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Baltimore, MD


Modernization to capitalize on Internet-based commerce


Fully-integrated, e-Business system merging online, phone and retail sales and moving to the top of the retail Karaoke market

Their story makes their business selling Karaoke machines and music. With decidedly forward thinking management the company grabbed the "" domain in the early days of the world wide web.

However in 1997 relied on an outdated inventory / point-of-sale system, which lacked the flexibility to accommodate modern business needs. For instance, web sales had to be manually reentered as faux-phone orders.

We integrated all sales inventory and vendor related functions into a unified system. Web orders have now tripled or quadrupled as a percentage of overall sales, from 15% to greater than 60%. Overall sales also increased 400% over the course of only three years. During the same time frame, Internet sales increased an incredible 1000-1500%.

The return on investment realized by is incredible. The company, under forward thinking leadership, has continuously invested in technology to exploit the benefits of Internet-based commerce.

Cicada has created or rebuilt all business logic currently in use by -- except for software associated with accounts receivable. When an Internet surfer orders music from they do so on our e-Commerce system. When a phone order is called in, the order is placed using a system we tailored to our customers specifications. Likewise, dovetailing with's insight's we integrated customized modules for customer service, inventory management, website management, opt-in email specials, discount groups, sales tracking, credit card processing and much, much more.