Successful Clients

Decision Toolbox,
Irvine, CA


Allow customers Internet access to Decision Toolbox's proprietary recruiting technology


Extensive customer-branded subset of tools to aid recruitment. Public access is provided for job applicants and password-protected access is provided for customer's HR personnel. The database is accessed in real time.

Their story
Irvine-based Decision Toolbox manages recruitment for companies of all sizes. Driven by a talented ex-head hunter, Decision Toolbox built an internal database with sophisticated tools for managing recruitment.

Recognizing the need to provide their customers with web-based recruitment, Decision Toolbox contacted Cicada to work with them in developing this new service.

The recruiting service wows all who see it in action and has led to major contracts with multinational corporations.

The service reflects the brand of each of its customers. Decision Toolbox now hires its own staff using this tool. Each position entered into this system can have up to 20 associated customized multiple choice questions. Job applicants respond to the questions online. Recruitment decisions and annotations are handled through behind-the-scenes administrative functions that are impressively effective at helping to find the best job candidate.